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EPAL Pallet

An EPAL quality control staple and, if repaired, an EPAL repair nail are used to identify every EPAL pallet. The pallet exchange system includes EUR pallets.

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Best EPAL Pallet Online-: When ever people discuss or talk about which pallet they should purchase for themselves, the first name which comes to everyone’s mind is EPAL Pellet. Furthermore, the second question which usually arises is from where can i buy EPAL Pallet online or EPAL pallet for sale, is there any epal pallet near me.

Where Can I Buy EPAL Pallet Online

Before answering to your question from where can i buy epal pallet online, i would like to make you acknowledge about EPAL Pallet information, characteristics, benefits and dimensions.

EPAL Pallet or Euro Pallet are the standard pallet used in various high rack systems, trucks, system and warehouses all around the Europe. Additionally, businesses that export their products to other countries typically pack their items on EPAL Euro pallets. These are so well-liked in Europe because to their durability, dependability, potential for many uses, and practical size. They have a box on top that is designed to keep the products in place.

The European Pallet Associated (EPAL) lays down strict regulations governing how Euro pallets are made and their sizes. Although most pallets conform to the 1200mm x 800mm x 150mm sizing, there are in fact different Euro pallet types. Used pallets are graded according to their quality, and when you’re to thinking to buy used EPAL Pallet for sale it’s important to know what the various gradings and descriptions mean. Let’s take a look at the Best Euro pallet Online different grades.

1. 13 Euro Pallet used (A Grade EPAL)These meet the requirements for dimensions and can support a load of up to 2500 kg as long as the weight is distributed uniformly across the pallet. Four entryways, one on each side of the pallet, are provided for forklifts or other automated lifting devices. This pallet is of the highest quality and is frequently used in pallet racking. The pallet weights 21 kg by itself.

2. 14Euro Pallet used ( B Grade EPAL) These weigh the same, have the same conventional dimensions, and are just as sturdy as the “13.” Additionally, they include four way entrance slots, a carrying capacity of 2500 kg, and may be used with pallet racking.

The “14” tends to be a pallet that is more inexpensively constructed and may appear to be more weathered in appearance, which is the main difference between these two types of Euro pallets. However, this has no impact on how they function.

3. 15-Euro  pallet used(C Grade)Although the grade C pallets are the same size as a typical Euro pallet and weigh only 12kg, they are lighter. They are appropriate for lesser weights because they can support 750 kg of weight when it is distributed uniformly. They cannot, however, be utilized with pallet racking.

4. 16 Euro Pallets (D Grade)The same typical dimensions apply to this, although it is significantly lighter. It cannot be utilized with pallet racking because of this. As long as the weight is evenly distributed across the pallet, it can support up to 300 kg of weight. It only weighs 7 kg, too. It includes a four-way entry for forklifts and other mechanized lifting equipment, just like the previous ones.

Therefore, whether or not you use pallet racking must be the first consideration in your purchasing selection. Only pallet types 13 and 14 are appropriate if you are thinking to purchase EPAL Pallet for sale for racking purpose. Alternatively, you can select any of the four categories. For further information you can visit here.

Prime Characteristics

The Best EPAL Pallet Online which one can purchase should be made up of woods like spruce, oak, alder etc. There are 78 nails in precisely the same places. Euro pallets are for-way pallets, which means that handling equipment can grab them from all four directions.


Epal pallet near me which i have noticed generally have a surface area of 0.96 m2 and dimensions of 0.96 1 200 800 144 mm (length x width x height). Dimensions must be maintained for the transportation of commodities to be as efficient as possible.


The weight of a Euro pallet is 20–24 kg. Their weight is influenced by the wood’s moisture content and species (for instance, spruce wood is lighter than oak wood).

You Know without, the Best EPAL Pallets Online, the logistics industry would halt. It is one of the world’s most popular exchange pallet. Most European purchase EPAL Pallet near me , due to which as noticed by survey 450-500million of them are currently in use.

Reason-: Globally, EPAL pallets pass through borders without incident.
EPAL pallets ensure efficient cargo transportation.
EPAL pallets guarantee secure product storage.
Due to their superior quality, EPAL pallets provide the highest level of occupational safety.

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