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Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln-dried firewood is the most eco-friendly substitute for regular firewood .Kiln dried firewood logs have a moisture percentage of less than 20% and aid in lowering air pollution.


Kiln Dried Firewood Near me -: Before guiding you from where to buy kiln dried firewood online ,let me acknowledge you with its information, excellent qualities and pricing.

Seasoned firewood vs Kiln dried firewood-: There’s no need to question how long firewood needs to dry before it’s ready to use when it’s been kiln-dried. For a tree to be usable as firewood, the wood must dry out (or season) for up to 18 months after it has been cut down and split. Time is the primary distinction between seasoned and kiln-dried firewood.

The wood is baked between 120 and 220 F with low humidity in a climate-controlled kiln, typically for three to six days. When that happens, the moisture level is under 20%, making it ideal for burning. For contrast, freshly cut wood contains about 60% moisture, whereas naturally seasoned firewood typically contains 30%. For further information you can click here.

 Qualities of kiln-dried firewood

Mostly people buy kiln dried firewood online or kiln dried firewood for sale because of its superior qualities among others-:

1.A roaring campfire is simpler to build and keep going than a fire made of regular wood.

2.It burns more successfully. As a result, the fire will be hotter, produce less smoke, and burn fewer kiln dried logs.

3.Kiln dried logs eliminates mould and residual insecticides while also eliminating invasive pests like the Asian longhorn beetle and emerald ash borer. Because of this, many state and national parks that prohibit firewood from being brought in from outside the immediate area may allow pre-packaged so that people can easily purchase kiln dried wood near me / them.

4.Each piece of wood weighs less because it contains less moisture. It also has a different sound. A piece of kiln dried logs will sound hollower when you tap on it.

 How to Buy Kiln Dried Firewood Online

There are many retailers in the market who sell legal and authentic Kiln dried firewood for sale, and we take pride to be one of the among them. We sell bundles of kiln-dried firewood. On the label, be sure to search for “kiln dried firewood near me ” or ” kiln dried firewood for sale”.

Depending on where you live, it could be more difficult to purchase a rick or cord. If there are any nearby suppliers of kiln dried wood, a short google search should reveal this. An average kiln-dried cord costs somewhat more than $500 in the country.

To avoid dampness, loosely stack the wood after it has been delivered. For better airflow, keep it at least two feet from any walls. Additionally, cover the wood pile to keep it out of the snow and rain.

Price of Kiln Dried Firewood-: When thinking to buy kiln dried firewood online be prepared to pay more for unseasoned firewood—possibly between 10% and 30% more each bundle or cord. The benefits of kiln-dried wood often outweigh the higher cost for converts.

How to Dry Your Own Firewood in a Kiln

Many businesses sell fully functional industrial kiln dried firewood near me for many thousands of dollars. It’s not a sensible solution if you don’t want to start a business selling premium firewood. Fortunately, most skilled do-it-yourselfers can construct a functional kiln.

There are numerous videos on YouTube of people creating their own, some of which show people turning non-working refrigerators and freezers into miniature kilns by utilizing incandescent lightbulbs or heat lamps. We advise constructing or converting an enclosed, insulated box or shed, preferably with a concrete or wood floor, into your kiln. (No barren ground.)

Install a number of heat bulbs all over the box. More lamps will be required for a larger box. If you know how to wire, you may connect the bulbs to a thermostat to have even more control over the temperature. Add a dehumidifier and a few tiny fans to help with air movement.

How do you determine when the drying process is finished? Use a wood moisture meter to check the moisture content. You can utilize the wood and begin drying the next batch when it’s 20% or less.

The total cost of the project should be under $500. It might be a wise investment depending on how much wood you consume annually.

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